Celebrating 100 years of service to the community!

OPEN HOUSE - Saturday May 14th 12-4pm - Fire House
DINNER DANCE - October 22nd 6pm - Zeris Inn 

This year, the Mountain Lakes Volunteer Fire Department will celebrate its 100th anniversary.  Over the years, hundreds of residents of Mountain Lakes have proudly served the department and the community.  The first Chief of the MLVFD, William Lewis, served from 1916-1926.  Since then, thirty members have proudly served the department as Chief.  Numerous members have served the department for decades, including one who has served for fifty-five years.   For nearly fifty years, the Mountain Lakes Volunteer Fire Department has also had an active junior fire department consisting of high school juniors and seniors.

 The Fire Department responded to 121 calls during 2015.  These calls included aid and rescue to structure fires, weather related emergencies, residents with flooded basements, and assisting the Police Department and our mutual aid fire departments.  The Senior Department held twenty-four training sessions in 2015 on the second and third Tuesday of each month.  The Junior Department likewise held twenty-two training sessions in 2015.   Call response, training, meetings and other department activities accounted for over 5,000 manpower hours.

In addition to responding to a variety of calls and our monthly training, the Mountain Lakes Volunteer Fire Department also keeps very busy while organizing many community events.  Some events include the annual Memorial Day parade, Little League parade, Mountain Lakes Day, 4th of July, visiting the pre-schools and Wildwood School during fire prevention week, the Christmas tree lighting, and escorting Santa Claus around town on the fire engine during the Christmas season.

The Mountain Lakes Volunteer Fire Department is always in need of eager volunteers to serve the community.   The members of the department are your friends and neighbors.  Please consider joining us today!

 To mark the Mountain Lakes Volunteer Fire Department’s 100th Anniversary, we will be holding several events during the year, including an open house in the spring and a formal dinner dance in October.  Please check our website periodically (www.mlvfd.com) for updated information about these events.   Please join us to help us celebrate this momentous occasion.

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Volunteer Today!

MLVFD has had a very busy year!  Please consider joining us in this important and rewarding service to the community and its neighbors.

KNOX-BOX Program

When the MLVFD responds to a fire alarm it often finds the structure locked with no immediate access.  This often results in significant delay as we attempt to track down an Emergency Contact with spare keys.  Ultimately we will have no choice but to use "forcible entry" through a door or window to gain access, resulting in damage that could otherwise be avoided.

However, there is a product in use by the Borough's schools and some of our commercial properties that is now available to home owners.  The MLVFD has partnered with a company, KNOX-BOX, which provides a nationally recognized program that is used by over 11,500 fire departments. 

Simply put, a KNOX-BOX is a mini-safe, installed at the home or structure, which secures a spare entry key.  The key is accessible by fire officers on-scene after they have entered their identification code.  All key access is logged via the system to insure a permanent audit trail.  More information on KNOX-BOX and its products can be found at this link.

The MLVFD recommends the 3200 Series for commercial buildings and the 1659 Box for residential homes.  The process is simple: click on the appropriate checkbox on the order form, enter the Mountain Lakes Zip code and select MLVFD from the list of fire departments. Once the KNOX-BOX arrives and is installed simply email knoxbox@mlvfd.com with your name and address to complete the process.

Emergencies: Dial 911

If you need to reach us for an emergency please dial 911. 
Our non-emergency business phone number is 973-394-1094.

        New False Alarm Guide

Check out our tips and tricks for avoiding false alarms with your home security system here.  False alarms account for roughly 95% of all fire department calls nationwide.  Using the simple tips outlined in our guide will help all of us keep our borough safe by freeing up first-responders for actual emergencies.